If you’re a dog person who wants to drop a deuce on this post, let me say one thing—I like dogs too. I’m an equal opportunity pet owner. However, cats are my favorite, and here are ten reasons why:

  1. They are Independent (Mostly)
    • Dogs are cool, but they're a lot of work. You need to take them on walks. You need to play with them. You need to spend time with them. You need to buy them new rawhides every once in awhile. With cats, you get a string, put food in their dish, and show them where their litter-box is—and they’re GOOD. They’re like the strong, independent woman of the animal world, you know?
  2. It's Special When They Want to Hang Out
    • Because cats are so independent, it’s a special occasion when they actually want to spend time with you. While this can be annoying at times, (like when they climb on top of your laptop whilst trying to work on things) it is adorable when they do it, so you can’t be mad at them for long.
  3. You Don't Need to Go Hunting for Poop
    • Dogs, you have to go on what seems like a bomb-squad job to find all the little gifts they left for you in your yard. With cats, you go to the litter-box. There you will find the poop you are seeking.
    • Cats are the sassiest animals on the planet, and that cracks me up. They don’t put up with your crap, and scowl at you when you do something they don’t like. Another great word for this would be, “cattitude”.
  5. Purring is Weird, in a Cool Way
    • Purring is an incredibly comforting sound, and means that your cat is happy. What’s CRAZY about purring, however, is we have NO IDEA HOW CATS DO IT. We know it involves their larynx and diaphragm, but we can’t explain the noise that they make. Not only this, but there’s a hypothesis that cats not only purr because they’re happy, but they also purr to REGENERATE THEIR BONES like they’re freaking Wolverine or something.
  6. Watching Them Fall is Hilarious
    • Try to watch this and not laugh. It makes me crack up every time.
  7. They're Associated with Bond Villains
    • The most known evil cat would be Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s cat, the villain from the James Bond series, in Bond video games and movies. 
  8. They Do Really Odd Things
    • My cat takes a nap every night from 9pm to midnight with her face in a corner. 
      I have no idea why she does this, but it’s one of her quirks, and all cats have them. My first cat Tigger used to sit like a person sometimes with her legs spread, sitting up. Weird.
  9. Hairballs
  10. Kitten Videos
    • Kitten videos are awesome. You can waste hours on YouTube watching them if you allow yourself. (Here’s one of my favorites. HERE. You’re welcome)

Hopefully you now have a better appreciation of cats after this post, or your heart isn’t hardened against cats anymore.