Hi. My name’s Evan, and I’ve been an addict for 6 years. That’s right, y’all. I’ve been addicted to caffeine for 6 years. Believe it or not, my drug habit might actually be healthier than you think. (Globally, AND for myself.) In fact, coffee is pretty great for you, which is where 99.9% of my caffeine intake comes from. If you think that coffee is bad—you’re wrong. So here’s 5 reasons why coffee is amazing, perhaps in reasons you’re unaware of:

  1. Coffee Improves Cognitive Function
  2. Coffee Helps the Global Economy and Fight Poverty
  3. Drinking Black Coffee Reduces Risk for Diseases and Cancer
  4. Coffee Keeps You Regular
  5. Coffee Tastes Crazeamaze

Hopefully after reading this, you’re better informed about coffee, are on your way to caffeine addiction, and want to start drinking better coffee. In fact, if you go to Thirty-Thirty, tell them Evan sent you. I’m somewhat of a 3030-coffee-evangelist, and you might see me sipping on a cup.