It’s 2019, but 2018 had some real “bangers” as the kids say. Here are some of my top pics, in no particular order:

St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Young Sick Camellia
Music Genre: R&B / Rock
Best Track: “Apollo”
Why The Album is Important: Young Sick Camellia wrestles with doubts, the current political climate, as well as reconciling with who you are and where you came from.
Enjoy Whilst: on a long drive, a night in, or doing laundry
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

John Bellion - Glory Sound Prep*
Music Genre: Pop / Hip-Hop
Best Track: “Stupid Deep”
Why The Album is Important: Glory Sound Prep deals with remaining humble when success begins to happen, and the emptiness of fame.
Enjoy Whilst: going for a long run, or getting ready for a night out
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Leon Bridges - Good Thing
Music Genre: R&B / Soul
Best Track: “Bad Bad News”
Why The Album is Important: Leon Bridges continues to make great music, grappling with forgiveness of those who’s wronged you, finding “the one”, and resisting temptation.
Enjoy Whilst: out on a sunny day, kicking it with your S/O
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Andy Mineo - I: The Arrow
Music Genre: Hip-Hop
Best Track: “Clarity”
Why The Album is Important: This EP is a story of the deconstruction of a person’s faith, reconstructing it, and coming out stronger for it. 
Enjoy Whilst: reading a book, going for a jog, or waking up in the morning
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Prides - A Mind Like the Tide, Pt. 2 (Acoustic)
Music Genre: Indie-Pop / Alternative
Best Track: “Don’t You Feel Love”
Why The Album is Important: A Mind Like the Tide, Pt. 2 (Acoustic) grapples with disappointment, love, and heartbreak.
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

We Are The City - At Night
Music Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Why The Album is Important: At Night deals with saying goodbye, the choices we make, and mistakes made.
Enjoy Whilst: on a nighttime drive, a nighttime walk, or any night activity (I mean, c’mon, it’s in the title).
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Twenty One Pilots - Trench
Music Genre: Rock
Best Track: “Levitate”
Why The Album is Important: Trench speaks to feeling like you’re not enough, and not letting your ego get to your head.
Enjoy Whilst: running, or bumping on your morning commute.
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Must Build Jacuzzi - Last Place
Music Genre: Ska / Punk / Rock
Best Track: “3rd out of 3 Ain’t Bad”
Why The Album is Important: Last Place delivers on its title, but not in the way you think. This album deals with the weirdness that is being in your 20s, regret, and not living in the past.
Enjoy Whilst: skanking out your angst, or doing sprints
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Underoath - Erase Me*
Music Genre: Metal / Rock
Best Track: “Bloodlust”
Why The Album is Important: Erase Me asks questions about faith, violence, and regret.
Enjoy Whilst: lifting, an introspective night in
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods*
Music Genre: Pop
Best Track: “Morning Light”
Why The Album is Important: Man of the Woods is just dang FUN. It’s Justin Timberlake’s love letter to his wife and southern living.
Enjoy Whilst: spending time with your “boo” or “shawty”, or cooking a meal.
Links: Spotify, Apple Music

Honorable Mentions:
City and Colour - Guide Me Back Home (Live)*
The Lone Bellow - The Restless
Kitsch Funk - Scary Pockets
LFL1 - Wordsplayed and Weathrman
Crooked Shadows - Dashboard Confessional

*there is explicit language or content on this album