I realize that I'm about to graduate college, and it's probably crazy that I'm writing a blog post talking about making coffee when I'm running late while I'm applying to jobs. I understand your concern (thanks Mom), but read this post and you won't be concerned anymore, and you'll probably want to be more like me. I can almost 100% guarantee it.

So it's your typical Monday morning. I wake up twenty minutes after my first alarm went off (you know, because I'm such a morning person...except if I was a super hero my arch nemesis would be an alarm clock. Mornings. Yuck. Who needs them?). I like to be five minutes early to work / meetings / breakfast with friends generally, but on a morning such as this, I have a decision to make—will I be right on time (with a high possibility of being two to three minutes late), or will I champion the v60 as I would any other morning? In my opinion, the answer is easy. I'm not saying this because I don't mind not being late or flaky (I hate both of these things), but I do knew that in the long run, I will be a better human being if I run a few minutes late and make my coffee. The reasons for this being true are as follows:

  1. I won't get a headache later in the day.

    • If you read my post about being a drug addict, you know that I'm addicted to caffeine. I generally have no problem with this, until I don't have coffee. I remember the first (and only) time I (will ever) tried (or "try" if you read the last parentheses) to quit caffeine. It was Thanksgiving Day, and I was at my grandma's. It was 3pm and I had not had caffeine, on day 3 of the self-proclaimed "caffeine cleanse". At this point, I had a migraine so bad that I was laying on the floor, with my head in my hands, laying in the fetal position. My aunt asked me, "what's wrong?" To which I mumbled, "trying to quit caffeine." She told me, "well that's stupid." Only to return with a cup of coffee for me, which I immediately drank, and the headache ceased. So unless you want to deal with me in the afternoon being a Moody Migraine Myrtle because I haven't had a cup of coffee, please understand why I am right on time on a Monday morning.

  2. I will be a better worker.

    • As we all know (from my blog post of being a drug addict), caffeine improves brain function. This means I'll be able to think better, problem-solve with the best of them, and conquer the world's problems as they come to me.

  3. There is something to having a morning rhythm.

    • Colin Powell once gave an awesome TED Talk about having a daily routine. "Routine provides a sense of structure and familiarity. Structure is a way of organizing your life so that it makes sense to you. You wake up with a sense of ownership, order, and organization of your life." While this talk was meant to talk about the importance of structure and routine for children, this doesn't change much into adulthood. Sure, not all mornings look the same, and days ESPECIALLY don't look the same, but do you know what doesn't change? Making a v60 the way it's supposed to be made. BANG. STRUCTURED MORNING ROUTINE BY MAKING COFFEE.

  4. I don't want to buy coffee when I could make it at home

    • I can buy a bag of good, third-wave, locally roasted coffee beans for anywhere from $14 to $20. A GOOD cup of coffee (I'm not talking about any of that McDonald's or gas station crap) from somewhere will cost me a minimum of $3. A bag of beans will last me at LEAST a month, which is 30+ cups of coffee. Divide 30 cups of coffee by 16 dollars per bag of beans, and that's $1.88 per cup if I make it at home. Multiply 3 dollars per cup by 30 days in a month, and that's $90, when I could be saving $33.60 a month (or $403.20 A YEAR) by making coffee at home. Yes, I will go to my favorite coffee shops still occasionally, but I am able to do that with the money I save by making coffee at home 99.9% of the time. Call me cheap, but you WISH you had $403.20 to spend on fun things or be more generous—I can almost bet money you do.

Maybe you disagree with me. If so, that's fine. Just know that while you're early for whatever you have on a Monday morning, I'll be readily caffeinated, feeling great and headache-free come afternoon, have my daily routine going strong, and be able to buy you some doughnuts when I come into work on occasion (because of my HAWT STAX from making coffee at home). So the next time you wake up late, maybe you should decide to slow down, and make some coffee before you leave.

*2019 Update: I have never had to be taken aside by my boss about punctuality