In 2014, I made a goal to myself. I was going to run a half marathon by 2015 was over. And I did it. It was exhausting, but I pushed myself, and achieved a goal which I thought was previously unattainable.The reasons that I began running, however, were simple.

1. I was tired of being fat.

2. Depression had been unbearable, and I heard running helped immensely with depression.

3. I felt better mentally, physically, and even spiritually when I ran.

While I did run the half marathon, and continue to run, I decided I would run a full marathon in 2016. With the best of intentions, all was well...until winter break came. This year in Illinois the weather has been fairly temperate, but I still hate running in weather below 40°. I hate the cold. I hate slipping on ice. I did not have access to a treadmill for 3 weeks. I only ran 3 times. Not only this, but I fell to the evil that ends all productivity of anyone in my generation—Netflix. Episodes past, and so did hours of doing nothing.

As I look back, I hate the amount of excuses I made. I hate how much time I wasted over break. 

Finally, today, God gave me a gift of a beautiful 50° day in Illinois during January. It felt amazing to feel the wind on my face. It felt amazing to get my heart beating faster, and to feel my legs want to give out at the end of the run. It was slow. It was tired. The run still soothed me.

I was reminded why I run. It gives me time to pray and clear my head that I normally would not have, nor give myself. It keeps endorphins flowing when my brain is withholding. It continues to help me develop the "dad bod" that I'm striving for. (I like pizza, burritos, nachos, and ice cream. Sue me.)

I don't write this to make myself out to be this awesome runner, though (because trust me, I look like a doofus huffing and puffing while I flail my body through the streets and paths). Maybe you've already started failing on your resolution. Maybe you've felt the need to make a change lately. Maybe you want to instill old habits that you've let go of. Well I have news for you—today is that day. Always strive to be better. Continue to grow and push forward. Today is your January 1st. Today is your day to remember why you run through this world and live. Remember why you run.