goal setting

Do the words "Goal Setting" make you think of a person trying to sell you on being your life coach, overly-yell-y people talking about "being your best self", or people that secretly think they can get you to buy their product if they help you?

If so, this is the Goal Setting for you. Here is three reasons why:

FREE. Yes, seriously.

We designed a PDF that looks pretty sharp, and costs you zero dollars and zero cents. We think that the real investment you should put forward should get you closer to your goals, not writing them down on some pages that look awesome. The PNP Goal-Setter is meant to help you, not our pocket.

it doesn't take itself too seriously.

As you're reading the PNP Goal-Setter, we've included some silly quotes from TV shows, movies, and songs to help keep it fun. Life should be fun, including your goals. If you don't think that your goal can be the slightest bit enjoyable, the goal is doomed from the start.

we use it.

Every year for the PNP Team, we go through this packet, and share with each other what our goals for the year are. You are meant to be a three-dimensional human being, with intricate goals for every aspect in life. Feel free to share our PNP Goal-Setter with your team at the office! Our Goal-Setter not only helps build something to shoot for in the office, but also helps see each other as people who are driven and passionate about things at home as well. A more personable office environment leads to a team who cares more for each other, which means getting more done, and having more fun.

want to download the pnp goal-setter?